Integrated actions for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians to enter in the job market in Tafilah and Aqaba Governorates


Duration: 2018 - 2019
Location:Tafilah and Aqaba Governorates
Donor: Italian Agency for Development Cooperation - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

the objective of the project is to provide integrated services for the participation of Syrian refugees and  vulnerable Jordanians to employment opportunities and for the creation and strengthening of micro-enterprises in Tafilah and Aqaba Governorates.

The project will be implemeted in parnership with the NGO AIDOS and the Noor al Hussein Foundation. The objective is to carry out several complementary interventions aimed at improving socio-economic conditions for the communities involved in the project through the following activities:

  • organization of Rapid Employment Schemes (RES): the aim of this activity is to involve 70 vulnerable people to increase the income through short-term employment and to improve their knowledge, experiences and basic skills to improve the public spaces in their communities such as improvement of roads and public buildings, cleaning of municipal spaces such as schools, cemeteries and gardens, rehabilitation and maintenance of public gardens, and  sensitize local stakeholders to increase  work permits applications;
  • strengthening of business incubators managed by the local partner (Noor al Hussein Foundation) in Aqaba and Tafilah, through the provision of different services for the creation and development of micro businesses, as well as the facilitation for the most vulnerable people to enter in the labor market;
  • capacity building activities for NHF and other local organizations to be able to work with highly vulnerable people and to provide services for the creation and development of micro businesses.