AYOUNKON – Urgent visual health
for Syrian refugees in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon


Period: 6 months
Location: Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
Beneficiaries: 425 children, young and elderly people receive free visual exams, 100 persons provided with a pair of spectacles for the correction of severe refraction defects, 25 people with severe ophthalmic diseases receive eye-saving surgery.
Donor: Valdesian Evangelic Church
General info
The project aims at improving the living conditions of the Syrian population in Lebanon. The specific goal is the improvement of visual health within the Syrian and Lebanese population through the organization of free eye exams, the distribution of spectacles for the correction of severe refraction defects and the realization of eye surgery for the most severe situations and the most vulnerable people. Moreover, it plans to realize a scientific research focusing on the occurrence and typology of eye diseases that affect Syrian refugee in the Bekaa Valley. Activities are carried on by a team of specialized ophthalmologists from Beirut Saint Joseph University and Beirut Eye & ENT Specialist Hospital in the Primary Health Center of Amel, a Lebanese NGO that has put at the team disposal an equipped oculistic clinic in one of its medical centres in Kamel el Loz area, Western Bekaa.