Social Inclusion, Education and Reproductive Health for Women and Children in the District of Naba’a, Bourj Hammoud


Period: 2015-2018
Location: Naba’a, Bourj Hammoud – Beirut (Lebanon)
Beneficiaries: 400 children and 90 women
Donor: AICS (Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation)
General info: The project aims at improving vulnerable women ‘s and children’s living conditions in the Beirut suburbs.

The activities implemented are various: literacy courses, English language, computer and life skills courses; embroidery and textile workshops for women; catch up classes and recreational activities for vulnerable children. In addition, the creation of an info-hub about sexual and reproductive healthcare for the prevention of gender-based violence.

The local partner, which coordinates the activities in the Community Center, is Basmeh w Zeitooneh, a Lebanese NGO established in 2012 by Syrians and Lebanese. Among the activities offered at the Community Center, Peace Education and Psycho-social support are particularly relevant; as well as a Community Based Group of 40 women, targeting the sensibilization of the local community.