P come Partecipazione: capacity-building actions
for a sustainable and participatory development


Duration of project: 2019-2021

Where: 13 regions and 33 municipalities in Italy

Funding authority(ies): Ministry of Labour and Social Policies

The project is funded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies - Directorate General of the Third Sector and Corporate Social Responsibility - Notice n.1/2018. The project is in partnership with A Sud Ecologia e Cooperazione Onlus, Tamat and Patatrac and in synergy with numerous organizations involved in volunteering and international cooperation: CEFA Onlus, Fair Trade Italia, Comune-Info, Fairwatch and CIPSI.

"P come Partecipazione" will train 2,405 people active in the territories of 13 regions and 33 Italian municipalities: operators of ODV and APS, operators and volunteers of nature associations, operators and volunteers of local forums, students, operators of fair trade shops, refugees and asylum seekers, operators, activists and volunteers in the environmental sector, peer educators, educators and designers.

Planet, Prosperity, People, Partnership and Peace are the key words of the capacity building modules that will be implemented during the 18 months of the project.

The objective of the programme is to promote an exchange of good practices and a sharing of methodologies and tools with the aim of tracing complementary paths and bringing Italy closer to the targets set by Agenda 2030.