ARD (land): Agriculture, Income and Dignity
for the women of Rass El Oued


The project takes place in the governorate of Tataouine, a marginalized border area, with the highest unemployment rate in the Country and where, together with the abandonment of land, emigration, the reduction of trade with Libya, the lack of activity production, skills and social mobility is highly problematic. The high rate of male emigration from rural areas means that in the villages remains a large percentage of women and young people without direct sources of income, while the abandonment of agriculture and the progress of desertification act against biodiversity. Through this intervention, ARCS wants to contribute to improving the income of women in Rass El Oued through the enhancement/transformation of traditional crops (PAM - aromatic and medicinal plants) and the creation of micro-enterprises in rural areas. The intervention is financed through the funds of the Waldensian Church.