Social action through volunteering

Every year many volunteeris decide to approach the field of international solidarity and have an experience at ARCS. They are usually young people aged between 18 and 35, who are interested in getting a professional experience useful for their training path at the office of ARCS and/or willing to live a direct and concrete experience in touch with the local communities which have relations with ARCS.

For those who want to approach the professional world of ARCI a stage is provided both in its headquarter in Rome and in its offices abroad. In order to facilitate the relations between our NGO and young people willing to get in touch with us, we have entered into agreements with Universities and Research Centers, such as the Università Alma Mater in Bologna, the CIRPS (Inter-university Research Centre on Sustainable Development and the CIRPS Consortium, The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce, The University of Turin, The University of Sassari, the AIESEC and the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

Some volunteers just want to contribute to our mission with their time and energy, without considering their training path and/or their professional growth. This is possibile through our Meeting Camps, the National Voluntary Service abroad and the European Voluntary Service. In all cases, both younger and older people who contact ARCS choose our NGO just for the approach it has in cooperation in the world, which is not based on projects, but on processes: it is about weaving connections and solidarity relations among peoples, which bring to a grassroots strenghtening of the ability of creating welfare and social awareness, active participation in decisional processes.


The main objective of our “Meeting Camps” is to organize non-profit activities involving, for about three weeks, italian volunteers and local communities. A volunteering camp is in fact a unique training experience, which allows to directly get in touch with the daily life of international cooperation, by meeting local realities and discovering their problems, but also by discovering their resources from the inside. Beyond the fullfilment of speciific objetc, a camp has, in fact, the aim of training its participants, by promoting values such as social education, cultural promotion and mutual personal enrichment.

During the last years, ARCS has been concentrating its activities of volunteering camps in the production of documentary film making and/or photo shooting workshops with professionals in this fields as tutors, in the belief that visual media is a priviledged tool to know and interpret reality, as well as to create participation and sharing.

Scopri i campi:

Volunteering and exchanges

ARCS promotes volunteering for young people (and not only!), active citizenship and the building of solidarity networks and communities, by promoting, through different actions, cross-border mobility and exchanges between young people from different countries, by different means, from new media to sport.

ARCS is accredited by the Italian National Agency for the Youth as a sending organization for volunteers for the European Volunteering Service (SVE).

The SVE is one of the actions of the Erasmus + Program, promoted by the European Commission. It offers young people aged between 18 an 30 the opportunity of working abroad as a “european volunteers”local project in different fields for a period from two to twelve months. Through this experience young people have the opportunity to express solidarity towards the others and to get new skills useful for their personal education.

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