18Aprile2018 Bridges for Inclusion: “We have same hearts and same fears”


di Zeinab Seblany, volontaria libanese del progetto di Servizio volontario europeo, Bridges for Inclusion, di cui ARCS è ente di coordinamento e Arci Lecce organizzazione di accoglienza della volontaria

As a volunteer member in Arci and ARCS, I can’t express how proud and fulfilled I am to have chosen such a project and organization. Although many times I may have passed through breakdowns upon listening to sorrowful stories of migrants and trying to act strong and to give them positive vibes and positive energy.

When I came here and was told about my duties, I thought that it will be a piece of cake and that work will be so easy, later I discovered how strong you have to be to work with people who left everything behind and count on few persons and the generosity of a nation to determine their future. I discovered new things about what they call them ‘black’ people that wasn’t actually unleashed by the media. I saw hopes in their eyes, dreams in their thoughts and most of all I see how much they suffer to tell the world WE ARE THE SAME!! We have same hearts and same fears.

During my stay here, I was really astonished by the kindness of Italian people and the beauty of the society here. ‘ A Tavola Con Noi!’ is one activity that shows how open is the italian community to differences and how flexible are the citizens to accept other people. Thanks to this activity I’ve seen beautiful smiles on the faces of the guys we work with.

Besides the African immigrants, we also got introduced to Afghani and Syrian families and kids who hold ambitions that are enough to change the world. It’s essential for me, more than it’s essential for them, to spend time together because they let me know that there are more things to care about in this world than our personal needs and personal life.

I got surprised by the Italian state schools and their care in educating asylum seekers and considering them as every other Italian student. Not as most of the schools in middle east and their support to migrants, Italian schools tend to hire special person in order to provide the kids with linguistic support. Lately, I went to a parents- teachers meeting in one of the school and I was glad seeing the teachers pointing at the weaknesses of the kids of migrants and giving much attention equally to the Italian students.

I would like to thank Arci and ARCS for all the support and all the care that is providing to every person in need. Also, for the opportunity to discover myself and the world. I consider myself a member in this family and will always do my best to attain the objectives of the project.

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