24Aprile2018 Youthquake: “Maestra, tu sei divertente! Troppo divertente.”


di Maria Ana Pereira Pais Foz Romão, volontaria nell’ambito del progetto Youthquake

It is hard to find the words to describe the first month of this experience. I can remember as if it was today the day I arrived in Italy. The mix of happiness and fear that I felt suddenly turned into gratitude and energy. People always make me feel home, with their kindness and hospitality.

Concerning my project, working with kids has been a challenge since sometimes it is difficult to express myself in Italian the way I wish. But these kids are understanding and every day they teach me something more in Italian, while we play or do the homeworks.

As the time goes by, I feel everyday more at home and connected with these kids.

Yesterday we were doing a project about spring while we were talking with each other. I remembered how it was a month ago, when I was just seated, not understanding what they were saying and they didn’t care much about that. But yesterday, suddenly, in the middle of our conversation, Islam told me “Maestra, tu sei divertente! Troppo divertente.” It has been rewarding and grateful to feel how little by little we connect with these kids.

Our coworkers have been supportive and truly kind, always making sure that I feel good. More than coworkers, they became my family here.

Silvi is a small but beautiful town. I love our house and I feel really lucky to have the beach as my backyard. I couldn’t be better!

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