01Giugno2018 Do you want to challenge yourself?


di Inês Melo Nunes,  volontaria nell’ambito del progetto Youthquake

Have you ever thought about living abroad? Learn a new language, meet new people, and face a new reality?

If you answered yes to those questions – an EVS is the right program for you!

So, I’m writing this for future volunteers. People who want to discover a new culture, create some impact, meet people from all over the world, face the challenges of living in a different country, learn a new language – basically personal growth.

3 months after arriving in Rieti (Italy), I think I have enough experience to write about the advantages and challenges of doing an EVS.

I could do a list of challenges you will face, and a list of good things that will happen to you, but honestly, this kind of experience is like a balance, you will learn how to balance both the good and the less good things. And I think the “funny” thing is that, in a few years you will not remember the challenges you’ve been through, – because you overcame them and at some point, you’ve learnt from them – you will just remember how amazing was living in a foreign country and how wonderful was experiencing this period of your life.

My advice to young people who want to do an EVS is: Go forward! 

It’s going to be worth it! Don’t let your fears overlap your desire of discovering something new.

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