14Giugno2018 3 amazing days through the mountains


di Inês Melo Nunes, volontaria nell’ambito del progetto Youthquake

This is my last month in Italy, and fortunately I can say, without doubts, I’m living one of the best experiences ever. I want to share my last 3 days – they were amazing.

Regarding my project here in Rieti, we met an incredible person – Peter Lerner– who is a journalist and is helping the areas affected by the earthquake. We had the pleasure to join him in one of his walks through the mountains

Pizzo di Sevo (2419 m)is a mountain that belongs to Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park.

On our 1st day (Amatrice-Sommati-Sant’Angelo-Macchie Piane): we started walking at Amatrice, and we ended our first day in Macchie Piane, a grassy area above Amatrice – beautiful place with a beautiful view! And we slept in tents at Macchie Piane.

On our 2ndday (Machcie Piane – Pizzo di Sevo – Sant’Angelo):We left Macchie Piane and walked to the top of Pizzo di Sevo (2419m), one of the highest mountains in Lazio. We returned to Sant’Angelo and slept in the AIPS structure.

On our 3th day (Sant’Angelo – Amatrice): We saw a bit of Sant’Angelo, the affected areas around, the monumental tree and we returned to Amatrice

In the last 3 days I had the opportunity to go to the mountains, enjoy those beautiful views, meet people from those villages and know more about the affected areas after the earthquake.

This experience for me was a challenge. I like hiking, and I like camping, but honestly go to the top of a mountain with 2419m with your backpack, sleeping bag, and tent is not easy! I can tell a 100% sure that it is worth it, but it is not easy!

So, for me this experience was a mix of feelings. First personallyit was a kind of proof that of course we should believe we can do anything in life! And we should be aware of our strengths and weak points, in order to become always better, to challenge ourselves and to be proud after a big achievement.  Secondly, for the projectI’m doing, was a great way to face the truth, to see how those areas were affected by the earthquake, talk with people, and know more about the region. And third, it was a beautiful path, where I enjoyed every stepalways with a breathtaking view.

I really feel super lucky to have had this experience.  Also, I would like to thank Peter, because without him this experience wouldn’t be possible!

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