14Marzo2019 YOUTHQUAKE: The Path of Passi Azzurri and Camporotondo di Fiastrone



Youthquake is a project of strategic EVS born in the aftermath of the earthquake that hit the Central part of Italy in 2016.

The general object of the project Yothquake is the social, economic, physical, communal, reconstruction of the zones of the Central Italy hit by the earthquake between August 2016 and January 2017.

Objective of the project is also the promotion of solidarity, volunteering and active citizenship trough the sending and the receipt of volunteers in some areas damaged by the earthquake, in order to promote, support and activate the reconstruction of the social, economic and cultural heritage of the community especially in areas, as the one of Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini, that have been materially and symbolically damaged and for this reason should be promoted as touristic destinations.

Structure and activities:

The activities are organized into two phases. The first part of this experience of mobility consists in a trekking lasting 8 days in the National Park of Monti Sibillini. The volunteers will go with a tourist guide A.I.G.A.E (Association of the Italina Enviromental Exursionist Guides) and will have the task of reporting (logbook, pictures, videos) on one hand the natural environment of the territory and on the other the devastation caused by the earthquake in the inhabited zones. The volunteers will sleep in tents, every evening in a different location, they will cook using camping stoves and they will live an exciting experience into the nature.

The second part of the EVS will be in Camporotondo di Fiastrone, a village where the volunteers will stay in the municipal Hostel and they will be involved in the following activities, whose beneficiary is the whole community:

  • in the morning they will support the workers in the cleaning of the municipal green spaces, maintenance of the paths damaged by the earthquake, soft maintenance of public buildings;
  • in the afternoon they will work in the media libraryof the Municipality (where there are computers and internet connection), where they will elaborate the materials collected during the trekking and they will develop online strategies for the promotion of the territoriality of Parco dei Sibillini.

Numbers of volunteers: 10

Period: 25 days (including two days of travel) 26 August – 19 September 2019

How to apply: Send an email to arcs.youthquake@gmail.com with your CV and cover letter by 14th April.

Programme of the activities: (For further information see the detailed description here)

  • 26 August: day of arrival in Camporotondo di Fiastrone and overnight stay in the Hostel
  • 27 August: stage 1: Camporotondo di Fiastrone – Cessapalombo – Sarnano
  • 28 August: stage 2: Sarnano – Monte San Martino
  • 29 August: stage 3: Monte San Martino – Penna San Giovanni – Sant’Angelo in Pontano
  • 30 August: stage 4: Sant’Angelo in Pontano – Gualdo – San Ginesio
  • 31 August: stage 5: San Ginesio – Ripe San Ginesio – Colmurano
  • 1 September: stage 6: Colmurano– Loro Piceno – Abbadia di Fiastra
  • 2 September: stage 7: Abbadia di Fiastra – Tolentino
  • 3 September: stage 8: Tolentino – Serrapetrona
  • 4 September: stage 9: Serrapetrona – Belforte del Chienti – Caldarola – Camporotondo di Fiastrone
  • 5 September: day of rest in the hostel in Camporotondo di Fiastrone
  • 6-18 September: activities in the Municipality of Camporotondo di Fiastrone
  • 19 September: day of departure 

Skills required:

  • It would be better if the volunteers have already had experience of camping or trekking in the mountains
  • Good physical conditions
  • It would be better if the volunteers know Italian language
  • It would be better if the volunteers have already had experience in the field of communication and if they have digital skills
  • It would be better if the volunteers have already had experience in manual, artisan, technical and environmental activities.

Materials and equipment given by Gruca onlus:

  • Tents for all the participants;
  • Camping stoves, gas tanks, pots to cook into the nature

Services, materials and equipment given by the Municipality of Camporotondo di Fiastrone

  • Accommodation during the second part of the EVS will be in the municipal Hostel, where there is a well-equipped kitchen
  • Computers of the media library and wifi connection

Material and equipment that the volunteers should bring:

  • Sleeping bag and mat
  • Trekking shoes, comfortable and athletic clothing, rain jacket, light windbreaker, hat
  • Backpack (capacity 30-40 liters) and canteen
  • A luggage that the volunteers will leave in the hostel of Camporotondo for the clothes and all the necessary for the second part of the EVS
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