25Novembre2019 YouthQuake: Clara e Marguerite iniziano la loro avventura


E’ iniziata da pochi giorni la mobilità presso Arci Perugia di Clara e Marguerite, volontarie nell’ambito di Youthquake, progetto di servizio volontario europeo strategico coordinato da ARCS e finanziato dal programma Erasmus+ e dell’Agenzia Nazionale Giovani. Le giovani affiancheranno lo staff nell’organizzazione di attività ricreative e di supporto linguistico nel progetto SPRAR della città.
Facciamo un gran in bocca al lupo alle nuove arrivate!
Queste le prime parole che ci hanno inviato

So let’s talk about our arrival in the wonderful city of Perugia !

On the first day we discovered our new house, which is in the very center of Perugia. It is located in a cute street, with a lot of restaurants and bars, and the walls full of street art. It is also very near to our new office, in one minute walking here we are, ready to work !

For our first evening in Italia, we decided to take a pizza in the best restaurant of Perugia. We felt really lucky to have the opportunity to live in this wonderful country and to start our experience in such good conditions. We took the time to visit the old historical city with beautiful churches and wonderful point of view. Indeed, the city is located on the top of a hill, that’s the reason why we can have a panorama all over the valley and a large part of Umbria, specially the city of Assisi ! We were not so lucky because of the weather.  İt was raining all day long for our first week, but since some days, the sun came back and we have been able to enjoy Perugia under a different aspect.

We discovered the office were we are going to spend our next 4 months, met our coworkers and we have been introduced to their way of working. Everybody has been very nice with us, took the time to explain us their different missions within the association, and to involve us in their various tasks. During our first week in the association, different operators explained us the SPRAR system which help refugees and asylum seekers in Italia. They talked about the new law of Salvini (2018) which impacted directly their work because since this law, asylum seekers cannot obtain the humanitarian protection anymore, a national protection which used to be very common. We also started to learn Italian. We went to Italian lessons with refugees from the program SPRAR of the association. Quickly, he have been able to help a refugee coming from Gambia who arrived in Italy a few months ago, helping him for his very first steps through the learning of this beautiful language that is Italian.

Per finire, siamo contentissime di essere qui, e siamo impazienti di scoprire cosa ci riserverà in futuro questa avventura.

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