24February2023 Ukraine: A year of war, a year of engagement


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A year has passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. A year of violence and devastation. ARCS immediately took action to support the victims of the civilian population. In March 2022, we organized a mission to Poland, launching the “In fuga dall’Ucraina” campaign to support Polish organizations engaged in aid distribution for refugees at the borders and in first reception and assistance especially for women and children. With funds raised from private individuals and the support of the “A Help Now” Campaign promoted by Corriere della Sera and TG La7 and later the support of UBI (Italian Buddhist Union), we implemented a project promoted together with the Polish Women’s Foundation Strajk Kobiet, which is still active, for two psychological support help lines for Ukrainian women victims of violence. To date, more than 60 women have benefited from this service.

At the beginning of last April, we participated in the peace caravans of the “Stop the War Now” network, bringing aid and later purchasing two desalinators for the city of Mikolayv, in agreement with the municipality, also thanks to co-financing from Fondazione Con il Sud. The installation of the desalinators ensured about 20 thousand liters of drinking water per day for the local population, helping the civilians of Mikolayv in a concrete way. With the StoptheWar Caravan we brought to Italy from Lviv, in collaboration with the Pope John XXIII Conunity, AOI, Arci Solidarietà, RUT Foundation together with the member organizations, about 50 people (women, minors, elderly, many disabled), guaranteeing for them the first reception services for many months in Rome for a total of 200 people. Now we are continuing to support their training for labor, educational and social inclusion in the city and province in a partnership project with Fondazione Pangea, the social cooperative Speha Fresia and Arci Solidarietà, which is the lead partner, funded by the Lazio Region.

Within this intervention, in the Ivano-Frankvisk and Chernivtski regions, we are involved in providing medical coverage for 200 women, 400 children and 200 elderly people in need of

access to health services, and we support spaces that house women who are victims or at risk of violence, providing them with psychological support and preventive information.

ARCS’s commitment to the emergency in Ukraine continues with more planning and fundraising. Attention must be kept up, let’s try to make our contribution.

The highest price of this conflict as always is being paid by the civilian population. The risk of military escalation to the level of world and nuclear war is increasing. There is investment in weapons and no authoritative effort for dialogue. The war must be stopped now with an agreed upon initiative of international diplomacy. This we will reaffirm, bringing support and aid to civilians one year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, by participating in the Caravan organized by StoptheWar to reach Odessa, Mykolaiv and, if possible, Cherson from March 28 to April 3.

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