27February2023 Houses of Culture and the turn to “digital”


by Laura Coppi, Universal Civil Service volunteer in Cuba.

Following the emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Cuba, has been overwhelmed by a wave of “digitization.” Internet access for the Cuban population, is possible from their smartphones, choosing from four different packages: from 600 Mb to 4 Gb with the state-owned telephone company Etecsa.

The curiosity of chatting, rather than the craze for selfies, has won over the Cuban population. Very often one and the same cell phone is shared with all members of the many families (composed not only of parents, grandparents and children but very often also of uncles and cousins) being, however, a very expensive and hard-to-find commodity. This raises the question of computer security: access data are often very simple or even known to many people.

The ability to use new media, gives the possibility of active participation in an increasingly digitized society, for this reason the Houses of Culture, thanks to the interventions of the La Casa de Todos project are following a digital literacy path. Through the provision of technologies such as computers and phone lines, sharing skills and conducting specific training courses.

Every day, the communicators of the Houses of Culture confront ARCS, on different difficulties: from knowing the dynamics and structure of the different social networks, to mastering the office package and using the camera.

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