08March2023 AICS visiting the Houses of Culture


A visit to the Casa de Cultura Joseito Fernandez Centro Habana (Cuba) by the Director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation Min. Plen. Luca Maestripieri, accompanied by Min. Plen. Marco Ricci, DGCS official, by Dott.ssa. Paola Pancrazi, AICS liaison for delegated cooperation and AICS local office director Dr. Antonio Festa.

We were pleased to be able to show the change triggered in this place thanks to the La Casa De Todos project, financed precisely by the Agency: a center of aggregation, social and cultural space, theater, able to make the population participate in national and international events.

Improvements in the field of communication and event management, as well as the study carried out at the start of the project on the cultural tastes of the community, have helped to improve the offerings of the houses and increase the number of participants in the activities; thanks to the maintenance work, there are now several rooms available including a beautiful patio for outdoor concerts with a bar/cafeteria, a concert hall and a gallery.

Extremely important, finally, is the work that has been done to be able to provide the Houses with some financial independence. Although we are still in the experimental stage, the possibility of providing paid services, while still keeping the educational mission of the Houses intact, will help ensure the sustainability of the interventions implemented over time.

We are confident that this project will be a unique asset for the Homes, thanks to the possibility of being replicated on a national scale.

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