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Democracy, participation, rights and culture in a changing world

ARCS is an NGO and NPO and it is recorded in the list of organizations referred to in
paragraph 26 of the Law 125/2014. ARCS is also registered in the Italian Register of the associations for social promotion (APS- L.383/2000) pursuant to decree n. 419/II/2011

ARCS - NGO association was founded in Rome in 1985 by Arci, the largest secular association for social and cultural promotion in the Italian Third Sector, founded in 1957 in Florence and present throughout the country.
ARCI’s mission, history and values have their roots in the experiences of mutual solidarity in the late nineteenth century and they are today put into practice in the support for all forms of association for active citizenship, in the fight against all forms of social exclusion and in the defense of freedom and of participatory democracy, in the affirmation of a global society of rights and justice.

ARCS has assumed these principles and put them into practice in the construction and consolidation of international relations and partnerships.
The ARCS action plan in its international cooperation activities consists in the involvement of communities and citizens in the widespread creation of relations and cooperation between territories and communities, through the enhancement of civil aggregations, the building of networks of interest and the strengthening of democratic ownership.
For the assertion of peace and human rights and the elimination of all forms of poverty, injustice and social inequality ARCS practices: Education to world citizenship and peace; Cooperation, solidarity and international volunteering; Humanitarian aid and reception

prioritiesARCS' priorities

ARCS' specific design prioritizes the issues of:

- Civil rights, democracy, peace and self-determination of peoples
- Humanitarian emergencies, refugee rights and reception
- Migration and co-development
- Intercultural dialogue
- Promotion of voluntary associations
- Social and Cultural education and training for all
- Children's rights
- Gender rights and empowerment
- Civic training, active participation and international mobility for young generations
- Protection of cultural heritage
- Food sovereignty and protection of common goods
- Social and environmental sustainability, fight against climate change, promotion of renewable energies
- Sustainable lifestyles, critical and conscious consumption

volounteersSocial action in international volunteering

ARCS promotes active volunteering by organizing work and meeting camps, social documentation workshops, community service activities abroad and the European Voluntary Service (EVS), youth exchanges, solidarity trips and international internships through agreements with universities and research centers. Mostly young people between 18 and 25 years of age choose ARCS every year for these mobility experiences, but its proposals are various and open to all.

It was one of the best and most enriching experiences of my life. I often think back about what I have seen, the stories I've heard and I'm really grateful to ARCS for giving me the opportunity to live this experience that made me learn and mature. I've learnt to think more about the news we receive. (Prisca - Voluntary in Youth Mediocracy Makers, youth exchange in Palestine)

The exchange experience with ARCS has given me a new perspective to reflect on what it means to be a civil society. It has given me the opportunity to freely and directly get information. It has taught me curiosity, and that's how it has made me widen my interests. (Gioachino - Volunteer in Youth MEDIocracy Makers, youth exchange in Palestine)

Funders and Supporters

MAECI (The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation): Directorate General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation, MIBACT: The Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Local offices of the Italian Embassy, AICS - Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, The European Union, The Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Agenzia Nazionale Giovani – The Italian youth agency, Agencies of the United Nations system, Regions and local authorities, Italian and international bank and private foundations, The Waldesian Evangelical Church, International embassies and consulates , International and Italian associations, The Italian Department of Youth and National Civil Service


Where we are

Participation in global networks

AOI - Association of Italian organizations for international cooperation and solidarity
Piattaforma CONCORD Italia - the European NGO confederation for relief and development
Piattaforma ONG Italiane in Medio Oriente e Mediterraneo - the Italian NGO platform in the Middle East and the Mediterranean
Piattaforma MAECI – Platform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Comitato Expo dei Popoli – People's Expo Committee
Trade Game – Italian Observatory on International Trade
Forum SaD - Permanent Forum for Child Sponsorship
Social Watch
GCAP - Global Call to Action against Poverty
CGE – Global Campaign for Education -
Cooperation in Lazio
CCCDR - The City of Rome's Citizens Committee for Decentralized Cooperation
Osservatorio Romano sulle Azioni Contro la Povertà – Roman Observatory on Action Against Poverty
IID - Italian Institute for Donation
“Triulza” Foundation
RIDE – Italian Network for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue
Con.Me – Contemporaneo Mediterraneo
REMDH – Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network
Anna Lindh Foundation


Campagna Zero Zero Cinque
Lavori in corsa - CEDAW 
Campagna Biblioteche Solidali


ARCS in Italy and in the world

ARCS has many local offices in Italy and also in:

Colombia (Bogotá), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mostar), Brazil, Cameroon (Bafang), Cuba (Havana and Pinar del Río)
Jordan (Amman), East Jerusalem, Kosovo (Pristina), Lebanon (Beirut), Lebanon (Hermel), Mozambique (Quelimane), Rwanda (Kigali), Serbia (Novi Sad), Tanzania (Musoma), Tunisia (Tataouine Governorate and Tunis), Senegal (Dakar), Algeria (Algiers)


paesi d'intervento


Countries of intervention




operatori locali


Local operators

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