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The project

On 4 August 2020, two violent explosions hit the centre of Beirut causing more than 100 deaths, 4000 injured and more than 100 people missing.

The shockwave affected the most densely populated part of the city, reaching about 750,000 people within a 9 km range from the epicentre of the tragedy.

Thousands of families remained homeless, without food and even without appropriate healthcare as a result of overcrowded hospitals. In fact, the country is already severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and an unprecedented economic crisis that has exacerbated the conditions of poverty in which many Lebanese were already living, increasing the number of citizens at risk.

UPDATE! What we did thanks to your support

With the donations collected so far, we supported the work of our partner Basmeh & Zeitooneh by distributing meals, food boxes, masks and blankets. We also supported the removal of ruins and the reconstruction of some houses in Beirut.

The emergency is not yet over, we still need your support to carry on a project called The Nation Station, born in the aftermath of the tragedy by the efforts of a group of young people.

What is Nation Station?

In an abandoned gas station near the Al-Roum hospital in the Geitawi district – an area severely affected by the explosions – some youngsters started to distribute food to its inhabitants.

From a first little act of solidarity to a fully operational relief centre providing food and medicines, as well as committed in trying to repair the most seriously damaged houses. After an early stage of first-hand assistance, Nation Station is now aiming to become a self-sufficient community centre, promoting social interaction, the sense of community and solidarity.

It aims to promote the active involvement of the community, its empowerment and its self-support through the circular economy principles and through a combination of effective and efficient organization, data collection and reconstruction of the Geitawi area.

How can you help?

  • Donating 10 € you can buy a solidarity package with food and hygienic material to be distributed to those in need;
  • Donating 50 € you can support the Community Kitchen, which will provide meals to the community and at the same time work as a platform for the collaboration of local farmers and small producers;
  • Donating 100 € you can support the reconstruction of the houses hit by the explosion in the Geitawi district. You will help families who cannot afford to repair the serious damages their houses have suffered.

Together, we can rebuild Beirut!

This campaign is realized in collaboration with ARCI APS

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