EVS experience: learning through hiking !

(INGLESE) di Helene Viel, volontaria nell’ambito del progetto Youthquake – I did a 2 days long trek in central Italy to learn more about the areas affected by the 2016 earthquakes.

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3 amazing days through the mountains

(INGLESE) di Inês Melo Nunes, volontaria nell’ambito del progetto Youthquake – Regarding my project here in Rieti, we met an incredible person – Peter Lerner– who is a journalist and is helping the areas affected by the earthquake. We had the pleasure to join him in one of his walks through the mountains

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Quando la “saudade” varca i confini

di Marina Lopes, volontaria nell’ambito del progetto Youthquake – È già passato un altro mese e abbiamo continuato a viaggiare, imparare, conoscere tante persone e culture

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I miei giorni in Italia volano così veloci che è già passato più di un mese

di Maria Pais Romão, volontaria nell’ambito del progetto Youthquake – Sono arrivata ad un punto in cui mi sento tutti i giorni un po’ più a casa: ho finito il mio corso d’italiano e sono riuscita a prendere il livello B2, vado al centro per i bambini in cui gioco e mi diverto sempre

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Do you want to challenge yourself?

(INGLESE) di Inês Melo Nunes,  volontaria nell’ambito del progetto Youthquake – Have you ever thought about living abroad? Learn a new language, meet new people, and face a new reality?

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5 reasons why you should do an EVS project

(INGLESE) di Helene Viel – I am now doing a 4 months long EVS in Italy, and I would like to share the 5 reasons why every young European citizen should, in my opinion, do an EVS project

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YOUTHQUAKE: learning about a new culture and working on sustainable development

(INGLESE) di Eloïse Bodin, volontaria nell’ambito del progetto Youthquake – I arrived in Italy one month ago in the beautiful region of Marches, in Macerata and will be there until the end of August. This volunteering was for me the opportunity to take a break in my career for a bit while.

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My experience as an EVS volunteer

(INGLESE) di Inês Melo Nunes, volontaria nell’ambito del progetto Youthquake – At some point I realized that the work I was doing wasn’t really what I wanted, so I decided to quit my job to embrace new challenges and search new projects.

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The perks of the arrival training during your EVS

(INGLESE) di Helene Viel, volontaria nell’ambito del progetto Youthquake – I have been in Italy for 2 months now doing an EVS project called Youthquake. And out of all the activities related to the EVS, the thing I liked the most was the arrival training I did a few weeks ago in Rome.

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YouthQuake: What are you waiting for to pack?

(INGLESE) di Marina Lopes, volontaria nell’ambito del progetto Youthquake – In writing to possible future volunteers, I believe the most honest thing I can say is that volunteer work, here or in another part of the world, will be an incredibly enriching experience

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