Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan – Livelihood Assessment

Following the US-led war, waves of sectarian assaults, and capture by the Islamic State (ISIS), hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have fled to Jordan and other neighboring nations. While political unrest and violent practices against defenseless returnees remain, Iraqis who have been forced to flee their homeland are discouraged from returning.

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SELMA and SèF at the craft productions fair at Kram (Tunis)

From March 9 to 19, the SELMA project and the SèF project participated in the craft production fair in Kram (Tunisi), with 2 lines of agri-food and cosmetic products

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Jordan: the story of Sawsan

La storia di Sawsan è solo un esempio dell’impatto che il progetto Start Women UP ha avuto sulle donne rifugiate e sui membri della comunità ospitante nel governorato di Karak

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ARCHEO CUBA: what prospects for Cayo Blanco?

The seminar “Proposal for the Management of the Archaeological and Natural Heritage of Cayo Blanco” was recently held at Regla City Hall (Havana).

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AICS visiting the Houses of Culture

We were pleased to be able to show the change triggered thanks to the La Casa De Todos project

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Houses of Culture and the turn to “digital”

The Culture Houses, thanks to the interventions of the La Casa de Todos project are following a digital literacy path.

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Ukraine: A year of war, a year of engagement

A year has passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. A year of violence, and devastation. ARCS immediately took action to support the victims of the civilian population.

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Cameroon: the power of “doing” networking

Interview by Calogero Messina, ARCS Cameroon Country Representative, with Georges Modeste MEKUI, Director of the Water and Energy Agency (AMEE) of the municipality of Dschang.

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