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Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011 and the ensuing humanitarian crisis that has claimed more than 500,000 lives and forced some 10 million people to flee their homes and communities as they fled the war, ARCI and ARCS together have made an ethical commitment: to support refugee people in Lebanon and Jordan, especially women and children, through the provision of humanitarian aid and educational, social, economic and employment inclusion programs. support of Syrian refugee women in Lebanon and Jordan.

Ensuring equality in rights and dignity in life is the first commitment in building a hypothetical future for these women who are in charge of their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

By purchasing a panettone you become activists in supporting ARCS programs for Syrian refugee women in Lebanon and Jordan and you will enable us to:

  • carry out vocational training activities and access to credit for women to enter the workforce
  • purchase medicines and support medical expenses 
  • promote gender-based violence awareness sessions and psychosocial support

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If you prefer to pay by bank transfer: 
ARCS – ARCI Culture Solidali APS,
Via dei Monti di Pietralata 16, 00157 Roma
Banca popolare etica, Via Parigi 17, – 00185 Roma
C/C n. 15080807
IBAN: IT12S0501803200000015080807
Causale: Natale 2022

For info: or Tel: 06 41609500 (mon-fri h.10-15)

The cost of a single panettone is 15 euros + shipping.

For purchases in Rome, there is an option to pick up the panettone at ARCS headquarters, Via dei Monti di Pietralata 16, with no shipping cost.

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