Cuba – INNOVA CUBA international and inter-sectoral intervention to safeguard the country’s cultural heritage

INNOVA CUBA international and inter-sectoral intervention
to safeguard the country's cultural heritage


Location: Havana, Cuba
General info
INNOVA CUBA is a project that is part of a multi-year partnership program between ARCS and the Oficina de l'Historiador de la Ciudad de la Habana - OHcH, a state structure responsible for managing the historic center of Havana.

In Cuba, cultural heritage is one of the priority areas of intervention of local institutions as well as international organizations such as UNESCO, PNUD, the EU and many member states, which recognize a key role in the human, social and economic development of the country. However, to date, only 33% of the heritage of Old Havana is recovered, while at the national level only recently have begun to develop experiences similar to that of OHcH, but still with little ability to intervene.

The initiative also stems from the desire to respond to issues such as the excessive duration of restoration work, the lack of qualified technicians, the limited growth of new forms of non-state management required by law in the restoration sector, the slow development of the transition of skills from the OHcH to the private sector and finally the lack of development of ways that allow a more efficient exploitation of the demand for cultural tourism.

The aim of the intervention is to strengthen the process of conservation, enhancement and dissemination of the cultural heritage of Cuba through increasing the collaboration between public institutions, non-state actors and local communities.

Synergies are planned with other interventions such as the Assorestauro project "Training Center for Restoration and Design", supported by ICE and MISE (2016-2018) and the activities of the Tecnalia Foundation, which operates with funding from the Basque cooperation (2017 -2019) for the improvement of urban planning techniques of the territory, and the involvement of other partners such as the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the University of Florence, AITR (Italian association for responsible tourism) and Arci Tuscany.

Specifically, it is planned to strengthen local capacity in the use of technological and methodological innovations in the conservation and preservation of cultural heritage, creating new professional skills, developing the ability to transfer non-state actors responsibilities and competences in the process of conservation and enhancement of heritage cultural, strengthen the tourist offer and the economic and social growth of the territory through the launch of a "Center for reception and exchange with the visitor" for the development of a management model based on best practices of local development, social responsibility and sustainable tourism.


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