Europe – Acting against wage differentials



It is an action involving a wide partership of European actors: French trade unions and research institutes, the Luxembourg League and the Austrian League, and ARCS as Italian contact entity.

The projects aims in its first step under the responsibilty of the IRES (Institute for Economic and Social Research, which has its Headquarter in Paris) at studying the impact of care work done by working women within the family on their wage progression and on their carreers, as well as on their relations with colleagues and employers.

In the countries involved (France, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy), public policies on this issue will be studied and interviews and field research will be carried out, in order to fully examine, with the help of the interviewees, the economical and social problems ensued by non-paid care work benefitting a relative in need of it, as well as the difficulties women have in reconciling such a work work with personal engagements, family and work outside the home .




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