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In these days of crisis, too many people are unable to buy basic necessities. Families with young children, elderly people, the homeless, people with disabilities, the unemployed, people on layoffs and self-employed, migrants pay the highest price.
Help us to support them.
Together, we support the solidarity commitment of some of our partner associations in Italy. 1 euro for each donation will also support food distribution of our partner Basmeh & Zeitooneh in Lebanon.


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2800 euro

Who will deliver the boxes?

Nonna Roma is a non-profit association operating since 2017 and committed to build communities of solidarity in the territory of Rome, ensuring the right to food for all through the support of its volunteer’s network. Every month Nonna Roma meets hundreds of families in four municipalities, distributing a small, but often essential, aid for their survival: the food package.
The “street brigade” is an initiative of the Arci Marea club in Salerno. A group of young volunteers, both boys and girls, every Saturday night bring food, drinks, clothes and basic necessities to the homeless of the city of Salerno. They hold out a hand, listen, talk to those who have become invisible to society.
Arci Torino has launched the project Fooding – Feed the Solidarity, to support vulnerable people living in situations of social marginality, from all nationalities and backgrounds. In Chieri, Carmagnola, Moncalieri and Torino 4 popular canteens, social spaces, collection and distribution centers for unsold goods, clubs let people access free lunch and socialize.
S.U.P.E.R. > Supporto Unitario Popolare E Resiliente is a non-profit, voluntary project whose aim is to give practical support to the city and province of Bergamo in this unprecedented period of emergency. Thanks to the enthusiastic response of many volunteers (more than 130, increasing daily), it has been possible to create a solidarity network of basic necessities’ home deliveries (especially food and medicines) addressed to people unable to go out because of their age or fragile condition. S.U.P.E.R. is an initiative of the MAITE – Bergamo Social Club, realized with the support of Ink Club, Barrio Campagnola, Club Ricreativo di Pignolo, Upperlab, c.s.a. Pacì Paciana, Arci Bergamo, La Popolare Ciclistica and with the support of the Municipality of Bergamo.
A collaborative network of associations, companies, volunteers and the Municipality. A working group that responds to the current needs of Milan citizens through an online platform, a call center and a network of volunteers in the area, evolving and adapting to the needs of the coming weeks and months.
Arci Lecce which already supports canteens and citizens in need, is now organizing a collection of basic goods for the Panareo camp where many families with children live.
With the project “CASA Canaletto” the club with a network of volunteers helps people in need and alone delivering groceries to the elderly and to all those who should preferably stay at home avoiding to go out even just to buy basic necessities.
Arci Caserta participates with the initiative “Nessuno escluso” which foresees the collection of products for babies and young children (diapers, baby food, milk) or donations to buy them. The products collected and purchased will be included in the “box” that is distributed to families in need.
Since the first day of this crisis, the IKENGA Arci club in Palermo has been distributing vouchers and grocery boxes to several people in need. Through IKENGA, the Islamic Women’s Association “Fatima”, Donne di Benin City Palermo, IPOB Palermo and Arci Porco Rosso, there are about 400 people we are helping, figuring out additional needs on a daily basis.
In our country, we are now making the most of the experience we gained in Amatrice, L’Aquila and in the refugee camps in Africa. A network of associations and citizens immediately put themselves at the service of the territory to help the most vulnerable groups: people with disabilities, the elderly, immigrants, the homeless, poor families. Food and aid distribution, self-production and free distribution of masks (ex art.16). In addition, a team of volunteers is available for any emergency that may arise in the Municipalities of Roman Castles. The Solidarity Network, coordinated by RESEDA Onlus, also supports the small local associations working hard for the territory.
Don’t Panic – Organizziamoci! is the campaign of mutualism, information and solidarity born to meet the needs of our society at the time of Coronavirus in the city of Bologna. We are associations, committees, social and political organizations, individual citizens who want to respond to the problems caused by the necessary isolation of all of us. We have activated four projects: Spesa Solidale, an Infopoint for labour, a psychological desk, and Radio Leila, a public Agora at the time of the crisis. Is that all? Absolutely not. Other projects are coming to life thanks to the contribution of over 300 volunteers and the 50 associations involved in the network.
The Arci members of the city of Bari are part of the 100 municipal volunteers who daily deal with the collection and distribution of basic necessities in the city and its suburbs. In close collaboration with the Welfare Department. Luca Basso 3478423793
Solidarity groceries, collection and distribution of basic necessities, in collaboration with Con Comunali and hypermarkets ‘Eurospin’. This involves also people hosted in SPRAR centres (Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees) and civil service volunteers. In close collaboration with the Municipality of Brindisi. Vincenzo Catamo 349 451 7063
Collection and distribution of basic necessities to families in vulnerable conditions, in the city of Foggia and Manfredonia. Particular attention is paid to Borgo Mezzanone camp. Domenico Rizzi 349 793 5706
Arci clubs of Martina Franca and Crispiano are involved, through participation in the CoC, in the collection and distribution of essential goods, together with Arci members and volunteers of the civil service. Vito Trisciuzzi 3494733849
In Taranto and its province, Arci members are involved in the collection and distribution of basic necessities, collaborating with the municipal networks, and in the fundraising activity for the creation of shopping vouchers to be distributed to vulnerable people in need. Salvatore De Giorgio 340 470 1180
ARCI FUTURJA Started a fundraising campaign for the creation of shopping vouchers for families and people in fragile conditions.
100 Arci members are engaged in the collection and distribution of essential commodities. In collaboration with the Barletta Associations Network. Carmine D’Oronzo 348 475 9015
The volunteers of the civil service, in collaboration with the Municipality and Sos Sava, are involved in the collection and distribution of basic necessities through the project ‘Spesa Sospesa’.
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