Italy – PINOCCHIO: culture, sport, civic participation and social networks against discrimination for a better social inclusion

PINOCCHIO: culture, sport, civic participation and social networks
against discrimination for a better social inclusion


Duration: 18 months (2019-2021)

Financing: co-financed by AICS


The PINOCCHIO project originates from the need to develop active citizenship actions and public awareness to combat the incidence of xenophobic discrimination in the processes of inclusion that characterize contemporary societies. The general objective of the project is to contribute to the development and strengthening of a concept of citizenship understood as belonging to the global community, contributing in a pragmatic way to individual and collective change towards inclusive lifestyles and models for greater social cohesion. The achievement of this goal is based on two specific objectives: the activation of a training process that induces people to engage directly to promote change by combating forms of discrimination of xenophobic origin in the social sphere of communities in 4 pilot cities (Rome, Genoa, Bologna, Caserta); contributing to counter discrimination, intolerance and hatred by valuing diversity and promoting cultural and social interaction in national public opinion with an original communication campaign (online and offline).

The intervention strategy is developed through three interconnected areas of activity:

  • Creation of a set of original digital learning tools meant to facilitate the comprehension of the behavioural attitudes that the discriminatory phenomenon assumes in everyday life.
  • Realization of capacity building workshops aimed at strengthening target groups’ skills and competences in terms of evaluation and prevention of discriminatory attitudes and behaviours. The “participatory workshop” methodology, in combination with the digital learning component, fosters beneficiaries’ involvement and participation.
  • Promotion of a communication campaign called #SonoFattiTuoi in line with the objective of tackling discrimination and promoting cultural and social interaction in everyday life and virtual communities. The action foresees a digital communication strategy based on verifiable data and the deconstruction of fake news. and the influencer Lorenzo Baglioni will support the communication campaign.

The project is led by the leading partner CEFA Onlus. The other partners are: ARCS - Culture Solidali, A Sud Ecologia e Cooperazione Onlus, Unione Italiana Sport Per Tutti - UISP, LUNARIA Associazione di Promozione Sociale e Impresa Sociale, Associazione Arci Aps Comitato regionale Liguria- Arci Liguria aps, Associazione ARCI Caserta, Comune di Bologna, Area Nuove cittadinanze, inclusione sociale e quartieri - Ufficio Nuove cittadinanze, cooperazione.


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