Jordan – Decent Work, Social Justice and Freedom of Association in The Middle East and North Africa

Decent Work, Social Justice and Freedom of Association
in The Middle East and North Africa


Date and period of implementation: 2015 - 2018
Location: Jordan
Donor: European Union
General info: The project aims at strengthening and promoting Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), social movements and independent trade unions. It wants them to take a leading role in reforms and democratic changes with regards to Decent Work, Social Protection and Freedom of Association for their constituents. Another project goal is to develop the capacity and stimulate the participation of civil society in local, national and EU decision making processes, related to European Neighborhood Policy. In particular it wants to monitor progress made towards the objectives of the Action Plans and the Association Agendas between the EU and countries in the region. The project brings together key stakeholders including CSOs ensuring access to social services for the most vulnerable groups or advocating for their economic, social and cultural rights; social movements uniting vulnerable people at grassroots’ level and independent workers’ representatives (trade unions) that operate free from government interference. This project proposal offers a regional and European lobby and advocacy dimension: conferences, workshops and seminars are organized and reports are published to be reported to the European Commission.

Local partner of ARCS, which is focal point for the project in Jordan, are Tamkeen Fields for Aid and West and East Center. Tamkeen works primarily on migrants workers’ rights, while W.E.C.H.D. focuses on active civic participation of youth.



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