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01 February 2024

BORO’OM – Supporting the creation and strengthening of self-employment and entrepreneurial activities, promoting social integration and contributing to local development in the agricultural and sustainable tourism supply chains

The project aims to contribute to the creation of a more accessible and inclusive labour market for refugees and vulnerable Jordanian citizens through cash work activities and specialised training, access to specific training and grants for small and home-based businesses in the area’s cultural heritage, agricultural and tourism sectors

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06 March 2023

Neet’s net: networking for inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Decent work, entrepreneurship, skills acquisition and participation of vulnerable girls and boys

The project aims to help ensure lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full employment and decent work for all

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01 January 2023

From traditional crop to source of income and food security: the moment of Fonio

Fonio, scientific name Digitaria exilis, is an ancestral cereal widespread in West Africa, whose cultivation is practiced by the Bedick, Bassari, Peulhs, Dialounké and Malinke ethnic groups.

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01 January 2023

CL.au.DI.A. Digital Culture in the Antilles

The core of the project is the development of a VET training program in Digital Culture adapted to the characteristics of the Caribbean region

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01 December 2022

Let’s feel good! Ensure to deaf child in Jordan, the right to quality inclusive education and the access to diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services

The project aims to improve the health conditions and to contribute to the provision of quality inclusive education for hearing-impaired children in Jordan, fostering opportunities for integral human development and social inclusion

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30 November 2022

LOCAL – Work, Employment and Economic Growth: Women and Youth for Local Development

The LOCAL project is aimed at women and young people…

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15 September 2022

Prevention of social distress for vulnerable children in Naba’a (Beirut) and Abou Samra (Tripoli)

The project began in 2015 when ARCS and partner Basmeh & Zeitooneh (B&Z) began their collaboration at the opening of the Naba’a Community Centre.

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01 April 2022

RE-ACT IN – Rethinking Arts for Cohesion, Trust and Inclusion

“RE-ACT IN” has the goal of building and strengthening capacities of local organisations to work with young refugees and vulnerable youth

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01 April 2022

Supporting the resilience of Christian Iraqi refugees in Amman through vocational training and apprenticeships

The project aims to foster the promotion of Iraqi Christian minorities in Amman, through opportunities to improve professional skills that can be used in Jordan or elsewhere, and by facilitating access to a source of income.

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15 March 2022

Start Women Up

The Start Women Up project focuses on strengthening existing small businesses and promoting the creation of women-led start-ups through specialised training, revolving funds and access to micro-credit.

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14 January 2021

I.F.S. Fostering Social Justice

This project enables the development of stronger European cooperation and deeper exchange of resources and practices in line with different European social realities

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09 November 2019

Social business innovative development of the agro- industrial value chain in the Thiès Region (SB-AGROIN)

The project aims to increase food security and income of small agricultural producers by developing the agro-industrial supply chain in the Thiès region

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Casa de Todos

The project aims to improve the functioning of the 3 selected Houses of Culture

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Archeo Cuba

The project supports the definition of new territorial public policies…

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chiuso 29 September 2022

Addressing multi-sectoral needs (Education, WASH) for vulnerable populations in Mhamra (Akkar)

The proposed action is an urgent multi-sectoral intervention that addresses seasonal needs and water supply services gaps in the underserved governorate of Akkar

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chiuso 01 November 2021

DA’AM: Emergency services for women in Jordan

The DA’ AM project focuses on providing support to Syrian refugee and Jordanian women in vulnerable situations as a result of the COVID-19 emergency

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chiuso 01 March 2021

Youthquake II – Resilience Paths

Youthquake II, was born from the desire to follow up on the relationships established during the first edition of the Youthquake strategic volunteer project (2017-2020) by building active and supportive responses to the new social challenges that have also arisen as a result of the emergency caused by the pandemic.

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