29September2022 Addressing multi-sectoral needs (Education, WASH) for vulnerable populations in Mhamra (Akkar)


Middle East and North Africa
Access to work / Social inclusion, Education and active citizenship,
6 months
€ 311,292.96 dollari

The proposed action is an urgent multi-sectoral intervention that addresses seasonal needs and water supply services gaps in the underserved governorate of Akkar




OCHA Libano Humanitarian Fund,

By enhancing the public water system of the municipality of Mhamra (Akkar) and securing the winterization of Mhamra Mixed Public School, the project proposal is contributing to the objectives set by the WASH and Education sectors as stated in the ERP, LCRP, and the priorities identified by the sectors within this Allocation. Additionally, by aligning with the 3RF the intervention is contributing to enhancing public services and infrastructures. The proposal is needs-based and designed upon specific needs assessments carried out by ARCS staff since 2021 with the municipality of Mhamra. It has also been drafted in coordination with the WASH and Education sectors, the mayor of the municipality, and the school staff, and by consulting local partners active in the area to secure synergies during the project implementation. On one hand (WASH), the project will solarize two water-pumping stations of the municipality, which will guarantee access to water to about 18.000 inhabitants of the municipality (8.000 host communities, 9.000 Syrians, 1.000 Palestinians). In addition, one out of the two wells will be provided with a filter connected to one water exit accessible to all communities. The water pumped from the municipality wells will also reach Mhamra Mixed Public School, whose hydraulic system will benefit from minor rehabilitation and solar pumping energy: around 1300 children that are expected to attend Mhamra Mixed Public School between 2022 and 2023 (first and second shifts) will have access to water guaranteed inside the school. By meeting the WASH gaps in Mhamra, the proposed outcome contributes to the objectives identified by the sector. On the other hand, (Education), the project will further support the school and children of Mhamra for seasonal preparedness by providing warm clothes needed by children attending both the first and second shifts, equipping the classrooms with heaters and procuring the needed fuel for their functioning during the winter months.

The proposed actions will have positive cascading effects on health and hygiene (including

COVID-19 prevention) of the communities of Mhamra, who have suffered prolonged scarcity of basic water needs; adding to this, the intervention has a strong conflict-sensitivity approach: inter- and intra-community tensions will be alleviated as the provision of water will positively affect all populations (host communities, Syrians, Palestinians, and other nationalities); finally, through solarization, the project has a positive environmental effect and guarantees more sustainability in the long term.

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