01January2023 CL.au.DI.A. Digital Culture in the Antilles


Europe Latin America
Cuba Dominica Haiti Italy Martinica
Education and active citizenship, Volunteering,
36 months
€ 301.906 euro

The core of the project is the development of a VET training program in Digital Culture adapted to the characteristics of the Caribbean region



Asociación Hermanos Saiz, Centro Nacional de Superación para la Cultura, D&D, Dominica Arts and Crafts Producers Association, D’Antilles et D’Ailleurs, Ecole Supérieure d’Infotronique d’Haïti, Universidad de Ciencias Informáticas,


Commissione EACEA,

The main objective of the project is to build capacity and promote the strategic development and internationalization of:

  • the consortium and its staff,
  • young artists,
  • trainers in the Vocational and educational Training (VET) field;
  • people from vulnerable communities; and) VET training sector in the field of art, culture and technology.

The core of the project is the development of a VET training program in Digital Culture adapted to the characteristics of the Caribbean region, including the curriculum, teacher’s guide and syllabus, training materials, both the online course version and as well as the PDF manual.

The Digital Culture training program will be accredited in the frameworks of the different countries (which is why we speak of multilevel accreditation, as each strittura will have its own accreditation model) and guidance will be developed for vocational training institutions to integrate the course into their regular programs.

It is planned to first structure the course’s training modules, then train the trainers, and finally local and transnational training activities for youth, artists, VET teachers, and people from vulnerable communities.

The trained young artists will then make their own works. It is envisaged that 40 initiatives and/or projects related to digital culture will be launched, giving rise to a full-fledged Digital Art Project Incubator.

The Beneficiaries will be:

Staff and faculty of the consortium entities, the partner organizations, professional training organizations in the fields of art, culture and technology, young artists and creators, artists and creators in general, art instructors, cultural promoters and community leaders, ICT and related professionals, local governments, private ICT sector, private cultural sector.

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