14January2021 I.F.S. Fostering Social Justice


Austria Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Italy Netherlands Spain Sweden
Education and active citizenship, Volunteering,
36 months
€ 624.376 euro

This project enables the development of stronger European cooperation and deeper exchange of resources and practices in line with different European social realities



Askov Foundation, DAFNI KENTRO EPAGGELMATIKIS KATARTISIS, ELETFA Segito Szolgalat Egyesulet, Fédération des centres sociaux et socioculturels de France (FCSF) capofila, FUNDACION ESPLAI, Landelijk Samenwerkingsverband Actieve bewoners (LSA), Stichting Beschermende Woonvormen Utrecht, SUOMEN SETLEMENTTILIITTO RY, SVENSKA SETTLEMENTFORBUNDET (SFS), Wiener Hilfswerk,


Commission EACEA,

Recognizing each other in the same values, IFS members and external organizations wish to rely on collective intelligence to share our skills and experiences, to improve processes and strategies and to innovate strategies and to innovate in order to strengthen, on the one hand, our respective educational networks and, on the other hand, to contribute to the strengthening of IFS Europe’s capacities for the implementation of transnational educational programs at the European level.

Thus, the ambition of the project is to bring together 10 European IFS members and 2 external partners from Southern Europe (Spain and Greece) and to open a space for reflection among different actors in adult education in order to share forms of engagement, encourage the desire to act as active citizens, and create conditions for the development of educational initiatives that

contribute to social justice and a more responsible and ecological society.

General Objective:

The overall objective of the project “IFS – Fostering Social Justice” is to encourage European cooperation and strengthen the capacity of IFS to provide and support effective adult learning opportunities targeting people with fewer opportunities, migrants and refugees, through mutual learning, peer counseling and capacity building.

Specific objectives:

  • Train, equip, and support IFS member professionals and educators in the development and creation of educational projects in the field of social inclusion or justice, active citizenship, and migrants by identifying, observing, sharing, analyzing, and disseminating good adult learning practices.
  • Enhance IFS strategies and processes to improve European cooperation and advocacy in the field of adult learning.

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