30November2022 LOCAL – Work, Employment and Economic Growth: Women and Youth for Local Development


Access to work / Social inclusion,
12 months
€ 48.546,00 euro

The LOCAL project is aimed at women and young people…



Arci Modena, Centro Documentazione Donna, CIPCRE, Legacoop Estense,


Regione Emilia-Romagna,

The LOCAL project is aimed at women and young people resident or temporarily present in six municipalities of the West Region of Cameroon who have already started or intend to start up micro-business projects in a collective form adapted to the local economy, sustainable and capable of creating employment. Specifically, the project aims to strengthen the access to employment component, with a specific focus on vulnerable groups such as women, young people and internally displaced persons, whose presence is particularly strong in the West Region.

The general objective of the LOCAL project is therefore to help strengthen access to productive activities and decent employment opportunities in favour of vulnerable groups in 6 municipalities in the West Region of Cameroon (Foumban, Foumbot, Koutaba, Mbouda, Bafoussam 1, Bafoussam 2); the specific objective is to accompany 150 women and young people in the creation and management of 15 business initiatives, aimed at strengthening the economic self-sufficiency of the beneficiaries and generating employment opportunities for the local community.

The project is aimed at women and young people who have already started or intend to start micro-entrepreneurial projects in a collective form: 150 potential entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs will benefit from the project activities, of which 30% will be men (45), and 70% will be women (105). In addition, at least 30% of the beneficiaries will be IDPs (45).

The LOCAL project, in addition to coordination and awareness-raising activities on the territory of Emilia Romagna, aims at strengthening local micro-enterprises through a training programme for women and young potential entrepreneurs and the creation of an ‘incubation’ facility. In particular, within the framework of the project: theoretical and practical training sessions are organised on the creation, development and management of efficient micro-enterprises adapted to the local market in innovative sectors for the benefit of 150 women and young people (a); as part of the incubation programme, a call for innovative micro-projects addressed to potential entrepreneurs was published and 15 micro-projects were selected to benefit from material support, mentoring and coaching (b); an Entrepreneurial Innovation Fair (EIF) is organised for the promotion of good practices and the visibility of the micro-enterprises financed and their activities.

The LOCAL project is financed by the Emilia-Romagna region and is part of a broader initiative, running since September 2020 (ELLE: Local Entrepreneurship and Women’s Leadership for Equal Opportunities), with the financial support of the European Union Delegation to Cameroon.

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