15September2022 Prevention of social distress for vulnerable children in Naba’a (Beirut) and Abou Samra (Tripoli)


Middle East and North Africa
Access to work / Social inclusion, Education and active citizenship,
36 months
€ 638,164.40 euro

The project began in 2015 when ARCS and partner Basmeh & Zeitooneh (B&Z) began their collaboration at the opening of the Naba’a Community Centre.



Basmeh & Zeitooneh,


Fondazione San Zeno,

The center was set up to provide services of education, psychological support, training, and access to health for women and children in one of Beirut’s most vulnerable neighborhoods, Bourj Hammoud. Over the years, ARCS and B&Z have consolidated their partnership by carrying out several interventions in Naba’a and getting involved, in the meanwhile, in other challenging and problematic realities. One of them is the city of Tripoli, in the north of the country, where the presence of jihadists and Salafists in the already vulnerable neighborhood of Abou Samra has contributed to increasing poverty and social exclusion among the population. For this reason, B&Z opened a Community Centre similar to the one in Naba’a.

Through this project, ARCS and B&Z intend to extend the services offered in both centers, improving the educational offer and psychosocial support for minors and their families. The project intends to contribute to improving the living conditions of approximately 1,170 vulnerable minors in the neighborhoods of Naba’a (Beirut) and Abou Samra (Tripoli), by fostering their learning, emotional stability, and social inclusion through socio-educational activities and psychological support and the adoption of new educational tools. The activities will focus on education (Action 1), thanks to the implementation of literacy courses, numeracy skills, and remedial courses for minors who do not attend school, as well as initiate collaborations with the other schools in the neighborhood. Additionally, under action 2, there will be promoted protection, psychological support, and leisure activities for minors and their families to foster healthy relationships within families and the emotional stability of minors.

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