01January2022 PROMO.SEN – Promozione della sicurezza alimentare attraverso il rafforzamento delle piccole produttrici e l’introduzione di tecniche innovative nella regione di Louga – Phase II


Access to work / Social inclusion, Food sovereignty, Gender Empowerment, Rural Development,
12 months
€ 47,897.86 euro

The project, which started on 24 September 2018 and ended…



CIM Onlus (Centro Studi Cooperazione Internazionale e Migrazione, CoopCIM (Cooperativa Sociale CIM), Tamat,


8x1000 Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri,

The project, which started on 24 September 2018 and ended on 14 October 2020 took place in the villages of the rural municipality of Boulal where a fruitful collaboration was initiated with the local authorities̀ and the local communitỳ through the active involvement of the Female Promotion Groups (GPF).

This second phase of the initiative aims to strengthen the groups in the villages of Boulal already involved in the first phase, acting through proposals adapted to the socio-economic resilience of the consequences of the pandemic, which has led to a decrease in economic activities, income as well as job losses; consequently, there has been a generalized increase in food insecurity, cases of malnutrition and poverty, which will tend to increase in the absence of robust social shock absorbers.

The needs analysis revealed that, in addition to subsistence farming and small-scale food processing activities, there was a demand to promote and strengthen backyard animal husbandry, a need to reinforce the inputs and infrastructures put in place, and to accompany GPFs on business management, through training activities and proximity technical assistance.

ARCS, through the local team already in the field during the first project phase, will take care of training on poultry management, maintenance of the facilities as well as strengthening the inputs and inputs for the infrastructures already put in place. The social enterprise CAPER SAS, given its direct experience in the PASPED/PLASEPRI project financed by the Italian Cooperation, will take care of training cycles on agricultural entrepreneurship, accounting management adapted to the context of intervention, and continuous and proximity coaching.

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