09November2019 Social business innovative development of the agro- industrial value chain in the Thiès Region (SB-AGROIN)


Access to work / Social inclusion, Food sovereignty, Rural Development, Water and land resources,
44 mesi
€ 1,778,080.14 euro

The project aims to increase food security and income of small agricultural producers by developing the agro-industrial supply chain in the Thiès region



AOI (Associazione delle Organizzazioni Italiane di cooperazione e solidarietà internazionale), Associazione JEF, Bloom Project, ISRA (Institut Sénégalais de Recherche Agricole), ONG AseS (Agricoltori Solidarietà e Sviluppo) - Capofila, ONG Green Senegal, PIN S.c.r.l. (Servizi Didattici e Scientifici per l’Università di Firenze),


Thiès small producers suffer from the following problems: lack of access to water, low skills in the production of fruit and vegetables and low quality of production factors. This leads to a low productivity and low production of the cultivated areas, meaning that agriculture is not an income generating activity for the small producers and neither allows for the achievement of food security. The abandonment or underuse of land along with malnutrition are the most visible effects of this situation.
The project aims to respond to the aforementioned problems by improving the production techniques of small farmers and developing the agro-industrial chain, mainly the sale and diffusion of innovative production factors and the transformation of fruit and vegetables and their marketing.

The logic is that the greater fruit and vegetable production generated by better and innovative techniques contributes to the achievement of food security for producers dedicated to self-consumption, while it constitutes an increase in income for those dedicated to their marketing. The latter will be able to sell products to companies that are able to transform and market them. The increase in production will be achieved through training initiatives on agricultural techniques, which will involve 1,200 small producers, use and production of better seeds and the adoption of innovations in the agricultural field such as: management between smaller producers of integrated systems of wells/solar panels/pumps and drip irrigation and/or adoption of “Agritube” systems that allow a higher production yield with considerable water saving.

At least 300 small producers are expected to access the revolving fund for this purpose. To develop the agro-industrial chain, the project will work closely with the Ker Moussa network of women producers and transformers consisting of 65 women. For the development of the agro-industrial chain it is planned to develop the following companies: a company that processes fruit, vegetables and cereals, a company that produces and installs the “Agritube” systems and a company that deals with installing integrated systems of pumps/solar panels/drip irrigation. In the same way as for innovations in the agricultural field, the constitution of companies will be financed with the revolving fund in a logic of ownership and take over by the beneficiaries.

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