Cooperation and international solidarity

Cooperating means for ARCS to involve communities and citizens, weaving relations among territories and people to develop together projects with the common aim of asserting human rights, peace and dialogue, as well as of promoting active citizenship and democratic participation. Exchanges and cross-cultural dialogue, justice and social cohesion, the safeguard and enhancement of cultural and environmental heritage, the defense of common goods, the spread of socially sustainable life, the assertion of the rights of children and young people, gender empowerment, legality and decent work are all frameworks where ARCS works remaining firm in the principle that civil society has to be protagonist, regardless of which of the “worlds” it belong to, as these “worlds” are too often antithetical and catalogued just among geographic coordinates (South, North of the World) or ordinal numbers first, second, third world...). A new perpective to look at the traditional concept of development, a radical change that brought ARCS to give its acronym a new meaning: from ARCI Cultura e Sviluppo (ARCI Culture and Development) ARCI Culture Solidali (ARCI Solidal Cultures).


paesi d'intervento


Countries of intervention




operatori locali


Local operators

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How we use the funds

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