Social Stability: rapid-impact job creation initiatives in the northern Bekaa Valley

Social Stability: rapid-impact job creation initiatives in the northern Bekaa Valley


Duration: 2018 - 2019
Location: Municipalità di frontiera del nord della Bekaa, (Chawaghir, al-Qasr, Sharbeyn, Kwakh e Fissane)
Donors: Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo - Ministero degli Affari Esteri

Description: Promoted by the NGO ARCS, the project aims at mitigating the impact of the Syrian crisis in the northern districts of Bekaa, through i) the creation of rapid-impact jobs for 309 workers ii) who will work to improve public spaces and municipal services, including waste collection. In Lebanon, public services, from sewage systems to waste collection, health, education, etc… are not enough. Moreover, Syria's civil war has fueled a massive exodus to Lebanon: the waste collection services in the small Municipalities worsened to such an extent that they became almost non-existent, as in the Municipality of Chawaghir, a small border Municipality, founded in 2004, with a Municipal Council of 15 members and 3 committees (sport, work and environment). The geographical extension of the Municipality covers the entire course of the Assi river, one of the main natural resources of Lebanon. The present action, therefore, intends to support the Municipality of Chawaghir in the improvement of public spaces and services through i) cleaning the Assi river (12 km) and the adjacent road, ii) securing the road along the river, iii) the creation of a separate waste collection system and iv) the upgrading of undifferentiated waste collection. Although with a specific focus on the municipal territory of Chawaghir, the initiative will also involve the Municipalities of al-Qasr, Kwakh, Sharbeyn and Fissane.


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